Practical info

  • 10 AM Bib pickup and registration for the Persil Kids Run
  • 12 PM Persil Kids Run 1 km
  • 1 PM DHL Ekiden

The exact distances are:

  • Runner 1 – 5 km
  • Runner 2 – 10 km
  • Runner 3 – 5 km
  • Runner 4 – 10 km
  • Runner 5 – 5 km
  • Runner 6 – 7,195 km

1 lap = 5 km

Relay zone in the King Baudouin Stadium

Start & Finish: King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels
Course: King Baudouin Stadium and Park of Laken
Dressing rooms: Koning Boudewijnstadion

  • Commemorative medal
  • Alpro High Protein Drink 250ml
  • Changing rooms
  • Free sports bag storage
  • Excellent supplies
  • Online course description on
  • Insurance during the races
  • Electronic time registration chip

If there are changes in the composition of your team this has to be adapted at the entrance hall of the King Baudouin Stadium on Saturday the 19 October. You can write down your changes on the exchange form you can find HERE. Print and fill in the form at home and bring it to the DHL Ekiden. The changes are free and possible until 12 AM.

The DHL Ekiden is a relay marathon run by 6 runners per team. All teams start together at 1PM
as a team they will span the mythical marathon distance. The distances (in order) are as follows: 5 km + 10 km + 5 km + 10 km + 5 km + 7.195 km (total 42.195 km).

Six people form a team in which every team member runs their own distance.
The relays are done by handing over the special relay sash, called a tasuki, which is worn diagonally from the shoulder over the chest to the hip.
An Ekiden is always an exciting competition, as the success of the team is dependent on each of the six runners. Every member of the team has an important function.
This is the reason the competition is popular in a business setting.

The carpets used for your time registration are only located at the entrance and exit of the stadium. As such the individual net time for runners 2 until 5 will be calculated “door to door”. The time lost during the several relays in the stadium, will be added to the overall time of the team.

The individual time of the first runner will be kept from the start until entering the stadium. The individual times of runners who run two laps (10 km) will obviously keep running while passing through the stadium the first time. The individual time of the final runner will be measured from exiting the stadium until the finish line, on the stadium’s track.

Individual distances

  • Runner 1 – 4,7 km
  • Runner 2 – 9,8 km
  • Runner 3 – 4,7 km
  • Runner 4 – 9,8 km
  • Runner 5 – 4,7 km
  • Runner 6 – 6,1 km (= 4,7 km + extra loop in Laken park)

Total team distance (incl track) = 42,195 km

Download the rules for the DHL Ekiden HERE .

Prize money DHL Ekiden

The final result, valid for the prize money, will be established on basis of the best “total time”

For this ranking, athletics teams as well as company and association teams are eligible.

Men Women
1. 600 € 600 €
2. 390 € 390 €
3. 240 € 240 €
4. 120 € 120 €
5. 60 € 60 €

For the first athletics clubs (registered with VAL/LBFA) there is a special bonus structure, which cannot be cumulated with the previous general prize money table.

Men Women
1. 300 € 300 €
2. 150 € 150 €
3. 90 € 90 €

Make maximum use of public transportation.

Here you will find all the tips and tricks to easily reach the King Baudouin Stadium.

By bicycle:

If you are coming to the King Baudouin Stadium by bicycle, you can leave your bike at our bicycle parking, right next to the stadium.

By train:

It is no longer possible to directly reach the stadium from Brussels Central Station. We therefore recommend that everyone take the train to Brussels South and then transfer to metro line 6 towards Koning Boudewijn.

By car:

Take exit 7a “parking expo” on the Brussels Ring and proceed on foot from the parking lot to the stadium.

You can pre-book a parking ticket for parking C using the following link:

This way, you’ll save a lot of time at the parking entrance.

Showers are available in the changing rooms of the King Baudouin Stadium. These can be accessed through the stadium’s hall of honor.

Persil Kids Run 1 km – 12.00h

The Persil Kids Run is a run over a distance of 1 km, especially for young people between the ages of 4 and 12. No one runs too fast, no one runs too slow. Whether you sprint or walk, each at his/her own pace. Upon registration, you will receive a Persil Kids Run T-shirt. At the finish you can count on a cool souvenir medal and a refreshing drink.