Marathon is a team sport in the DHL Ekiden


Every year, about a thousand teams come to the King Baudouin Stadium for the DHL Ekiden, which this year takes place on Saturday 21 October.

Ekiden teams consist of six runners, who together cover the marathon distance of 42.195 km. The first, third and fifth runner each cover 5 km, the second and fourth runner 10 km and the final runner covers the remaining 7.195 km. Each runner runs a lap on the magical track of the King Baudouin Stadium.

The relays are not made with a baton, but with a special ribbon. This so-called ‘tasuki’ hangs – for those who want to do it according to the rules of the art – from the shoulder, diagonally across the chest, to the hip.

The Ekiden is always an exciting race, as the team’s success depends on each of the six runners. Everyone in the team therefore has an important function. That is why this competition is popular with companies, but you can also participate with five friends or family members.

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