Pelicano Child Poverty Foundation

With Pelicano Child Poverty Foundation, Persil has found a confidential counselor in Belgium who helps them give children living in poverty access to clean hygiene and support them so that they too can participate in enriching hobbies.

Joining forces to save children from poverty

More than half a million children in Belgium grow up in poverty. Pelicano Child Poverty Foundation fights this unfairness, working to lift children out of poverty in a sustainable way. Under the protection of Pelicano’s social partners (>700 in Belgium), they can count on financial support to cover their basic needs (a healthy, balanced diet, proper clothing, personal hygiene, (para-) medical care, educational opportunities and social and leisure activities) in the most important growth phase in their life.

Pelicano children are given peace of mind and every opportunity to lead a carefree life and assume their full and rightful place in society. The financial support is paid to the social partners, who use it to ensure their Pelicano children have equal opportunities until they find their feet on the job market.

When registering you have the option of supporting Pelicano Child Poverty Foundation with an extra donation of €7, €14 or €21. Your support enables Pelicano children who are entitled to the opportunity rate to join a running club for free for 1, 2 or 3 seasons.

No less than 25% of economically vulnerable families are unable to take part in leisure activities on a regular basis. This results in the social isolation of children in particular, which we aim to prevent with your support!